You know, when she says shit like this, it really annoys me.
How does she have a right to call anyone any of these things when she is the biggest moocher of all time?
If I recall correctly, you can’t even get HIRED until 16 so why is she telling a 15 year old to work? 
Secondly, I hate when she relates shit she hates back to herself to show how much better and more mature she is. Saying she doesn’t ask her parents for technology? Well that’s because she gets all of her technology from her boyfriends. Aleks gave her a laptop (that she still uses), a head set, sully got her like 2 fucking DS’ and a bunch of games. 
If christmas is so much about family and kindness, why is she spewing off this hate? Why can’t a 15 year old dream?
Lastly, WHO IS SHE TELL ANYONE TO GET A JOB. Youtube can be a job for sure. But she makes horrible quality videos where she says how much she hates to make them and how much of a hassle it is and how lucky we all are to be apart of her life because she’s such a special snowflake. 
Why does she like to judge people so much when she does even WORSE things and when she is so much older? A 15 year old is probably in grade 9, and can’t even get a fucking job. They need to focus on their school. She’s the one who is 19, spending thousands on plane tickets, hotels, mooching off her parents then saying she hates them. 

Tiffany in her new video “Why I hate Chick Flicks”


"Women don’t cross each other that easily, no matter the reason!"

Calls girls:



-makes fun of them for photoshopping



-hates girls for their hair colour and extensions

-takes pictures of girls just to shame them

-calls cutters and girls who are abused “attention seekers”

And she has the right to call anyone petty? Funny how she refers to herself like an adult . 

OCD...Once again


Well…more OCD references in Tiffany’s video.

"I’m OCD with wrapping around all my ponytails"

She says she’s OCD cuz she changes the channel a lot

And that she loves it and that its FUN

Quote from the OCD foundation:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a disorder of the brain and…



Apparently she’s not like any other YouTubers because her videos are different. Well, I can name a ton of YouTubers like her. Mitchell Davis. Dan and Phil. And plenty more. Nice try, though.

But Dan and Phil are actually entertaining.

I'm Harassing Tiffany?


Sorry but this is just starting to really piss me off. I don’t harass anyone.

In the latest rt video ray seems depressed as fuck like he had a falling ouy with someone (barley talking) and around the time frame these are filmed could have fallen right when he unfollowed her

Wow, really? 

I honestly am still kind of disappointed in Ray, but I think it was for the best for her honestly.

I haven’t seen if anyone else has noticed this or not, due to all of the chaos in the tag, anyways. Has anyone else noticed Tiffany and Ray don’t follow each other anymore?

Makes me think maybe she had an ultimatum Ray or Sully, and she chose Sully. Speculating here. If that was the case then good for her.


Summarising a whole tag as immature is also pretty immature. There’s literally one or two slightly immature people. You shouldn’t really denounce everyone’s view as ‘immature’ when some of the posts are pretty mature and clever.

: Can we drop all the posts telling us how immature this tag has gotten....


Can we drop all the posts telling us how immature this tag has gotten. We got it after one person , we don’t need the same thing repeated 8 times.

Yeah we can be immature but can we move on and get back to the main point. It’s just really irritating when something happens theres like a mass spam…

I agree with this SO much.